The Len Gelman Award

Open award for members and non-members, CM Award, Events Award 

Award criteria

Purpose: The award is for the best paper published in the Proceedings of the CM Annual Conference by a person in the early stages of his/her career or within the first five years of full-time employment (subject to a satisfactory oral presentation). The person concerned (or one of them, if there is more than one author who qualifies) must also present the paper in person at the Conference and, at the discretion of the session chair, answer any questions from the audience.

Details of the award: The award will be in the form of a certificate backed by a cash sum of £300. In addition, free membership of the Institute at an appropriate grade will be given to the winner for one year.

Eligibility: The author of the paper must either be a student or within the first five years of full-time employment. He/she need not be a member of the Institute. In the case of multiple authorship, the early career-stage criterion must be satisfied by the first or second named author. If other authors also satisfy the criterion, the cash award is to be shared between all those authors satisfying the criterion, with each receiving a certificate. The free membership for one year is for the presenting author only.

Frequency: It is anticipated the award will be made annually.

Nomination arrangements: The author of an abstract and full paper for the event can indicate they wish to be considered when submitting online.

Four members of the panel are to be appointed by the CM Sub-Committee. Each judge will be invited to score the entries on a point scale of 0 to 3 and send the scores to Karen Cambridge, who will total the scores, and the entry receiving the most points will be declared the winner, subject to a satisfactory oral presentation. 

Awarding arrangements: The award will be presented annually at the CM Annual Conference Closing Ceremony.
Committee: CM Sub-Committee.


2023 winners: Z Tian, S Wang, D Merk and R Wood

The Len Gelman Award for 2023 is presented to Z Tian, S Wang and R Wood, from the University of Southampton, UK, and D Merk, from Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co KG, Germany, for their paper, titled: 'Condition monitoring of pitting evolution using multiple sensing'.

Past winners:
2008    D Clifton
2009    P McGetrick
2010    S L Chen
2011    Dr R Jones
2012    M Palo
2013    O Cardona-Morales
2014    G Cablea
2015    G Song
2016    M A A Ismail / S Kolbe
2017    Mr V Jantara Junior
2018    Yuandong Xu, Fengshou Gu, Andrew D Ball and Jingzhou Fei
2019    K Kalista, J Liska, J Jakl and V Vasicek
2020    No Award
2021    G Iarriccio and O Kennedy Aimiyekagbon
2022    J Liska, J Jakl and S Kunkel

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