CM Awards

Institute Awards 

The Institute presents the following CM awards:


The COMADIT Prize is awarded for a significant contribution through research and development in any branch of condition monitoring to the benefit of industry or society.

Details of award: Certificate and a cash sum of £300.
Eligibility: Any research worker or group of named research workers.
Nomination arrangements: All members of the CM Technical Committee are invited to submit nominations for the Prize.

Committee responsible: CM Technical Committee.

A nomination form can be downloaded here.

2019 winner: Professor Siamak Noroozi BSc MEng PhD FInstNDT MIET CEng
Sponsor: PCN Working Groups

The COMADIT Prize for 2019 is awarded to Professor Siamak Noroozi BSc MEng PhD FInstNDT MIET CEng, Professor of Advanced Technology with the Department of Design and Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, Bournemouth University.

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The Len Gelman Award
The Len Gelman Award is awarded
for the best paper in the Proceedings of the CM Annual Conference by a student or person in the early stages (first five years) of their career.

Details of award:
A certificate, a cash sum of £250 and free Institute membership for one year.
Eligibility: Anyone who is either a student or within the first five years of full-time employment, who presents a paper at the CM Annual Conference and has the paper published in the Proceedings.
Nomination arrangements: Anyone who notifies the Conference organisers when submitting their paper that they meet the criteria.
Committee responsible: CM Technical Committee.

The Len Gelman Award was not awarded in 2020.

A list of all previous winners of the Len Gelman Award can be found here.

The CM Innovation Award
The CM Innovation Award recognises a significant contribution to technology innovation, technology transfer or technology strategy in the field of CM.

Details of award: A certificate, £250 cash and an invitation to the CM Annual Conference Dinner with free registration for the day and one night's accommodation for either the individual winner or, in the case of a group winner, a nominated representative.
Eligibility: Nominees can be individuals or groups who have made a significant contribution to CM technology through R&D technology transfer into industry or who have developed a strategy that has led to technology development and exploitation.
Nomination arrangements: Members of the CM Technical Committee will be invited to submit nominations on an annual basis.
Committee responsible: CM Technical Committee.

2019 winner: Dr Zhike Peng

The CM Innovation Award for 2019 is awarded to Dr Zhike Peng.

Zhike Peng received his BS and PhD degrees from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, in 1998 and 2002, respectively. He was a Research Associate at the City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, from 2003 to 2004 and a Research Officer at Cranfield University, Cranfield, UK. He was with the University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK, for four years.

Zhike is currently Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China, where he is also a Changjiang Distinguished Professor and a Vice Director of the State Key Laboratory of Mechanical System and Vibration. His current research interests include non-linear vibration, signal processing and condition monitoring, as well as fault diagnosis for machines and structures.

Zhike has published over 200 SCI-indexed journal papers. According to the citation reports released by Elsevier, he was one of the most highly cited Chinese researchers from 2014 to 2019. To recognise his scientific contributions, Zhike was selected as a Distinguished Fellow of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration (IIAV) in 2020.

The CM Awards are normally presented at the CM Annual Conference.

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