CM Education and Training

Condition monitoring and diagnostic technology 

No science or technology stands still – new developments are always being made and new applications found. You can keep up-to-date by reading the Institute's monthly newsletter, Condition Monitor and its journals and Insight (click the 'Publications' link to the left for further information). Other publications, seminars and the Annual Conference all help to keep you abreast of developments.

Meetings are held at local level through the network of Branches covering the country.

The Institute operates a scheme for the accreditation of CM training establishments and the validation of CM courses and modules leading to certification.

Closely allied to education and training, CPD is assuming greater importance in CM qualifications. For some qualifications you must demonstrate your commitment to CPD by attendance at meetings, seminars and conferences – and this is becoming increasingly important when looking for employment. Centrally and at Branch level, the Institute is active in promoting CPD; attendance at those events qualifies you for 'CPD points' which can be recorded in a log book available from the Institute.