Speakers and organisers biographies

Tuesday 12 to Thursday 14 September 2023
Northampton Town Centre Hotel, Northampton, UK  

Georg Herborg Enevoldsen

Georg Herborg holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Aarhus. Since then, Georg worked for approximately 10 years in the wind industry, as Global Director of Tooling for wind turbine blade manufacturing. Since 2017, Georg has held the role of Director of Innovation in Danfoss High Pressure Pumps, with accountability for all new technology scouting and maturation, R&D activities, and new product developments. 

Tim Stevenson
Tim Stevenson is Co-founder and Managing Director of Ionix Advanced Technologies, which has grown to become a world leader in ultrasonic condition and process monitoring.

Graduating from the University of Leeds with an MEng in Materials Science, and completing a PhD in 2010, his thesis was on the development of a novel high-performance piezoelectric ceramic (HPZ), capable of operating in extreme environments, including high-temperature, radiation and offering unique properties such as high fracture toughness and magneto-electric behaviour.

In 2011, Tim co-founded Ionix with the aim of commercialising the piezoelectric ceramics and developing CM sensor systems around it, which quickly found applications in ultrasonic dryness monitoring of industrial steam lines, and was awarded gold and the title of 'early research career engineer' at Westminster SET for Britain awards for the impact of his research.

Tim and his team at Ionix incorporated the HPZ material into an innovative, modular, intrinsically safe, high-temperature ultrasonic platform, and since 2015, a primary focus for this has been high-resolution remaining wall thickness measurements, where HotSense has now been integrated into the fabric of energy infrastructure on six continents for on-stream corrosion monitoring of downstream refinery, petrochemical and nuclear plant piping circuits and pressure vessels up to 550C, and in hazardous or potentially explosive atmospheres.

The HotSense platform has been subsequently expanded to enable flare gas monitoring, clamp-on flow, molten salt health sensing, crack growth monitoring and acoustic emission-based equipment and structural health monitoring across a plethora of industries including renewable energy, aerospace and automotive sectors.

As such, Tim is now globally recognised as a technical authority and thought leader in extreme environment ultrasonic condition monitoring, contributing to technical committees and academic panels in North America, the UK and Europe. Tim now holds multiple patents and is the author of over 40 peer-reviewed publications on piezoelectric and ultrasonic sensors for extreme environments.

In 2019, he was made a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and currently sits on the BINDT Condition Monitoring Technical Committee.

Christian Svendsen

Christian Svendsen holds a PhD in molecular quantum physics from the University of Southern Denmark in the field of scattering and absorption studies of molecules. Since then he initially worked as a university lecturer, and for the last 24 years in the industry, where he has covered a wide range of technical areas. The main focus has been on theoretical, numerical and experimental studies of high-end hermetic compressors and positive displacement pumps.

Since 2013, Christian has as a Senior Technology Specialist been leading the CFD and vibroacoustic studies at Danfoss High Pressure Pumps, as well as the execution of complex simulation model validation measurements. As such, Christian is a key person in the strategic efforts of creating an effective and value-adding condition monitoring solution for the product portfolio of Danfoss High Pressure Pumps.

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