BINDT assists the Engineering Council with relicensing of the Dublin Accord…

In this update, I thought it would be of interest if I informed you of an Engineering Council relicensing issue that BINDT has volunteered to help out with.

The Dublin Accord is an international agreement between eight countries whose registration levels match those of Engineering Technician (EngTech) registration. There are also other Accords for Incorporated Engineer (IEng) and Chartered Engineer (CEng).

As part of the Engineering Council’s relicensing audit, the Dublin Accord committee wanted to observe a Professional Engineering Institute (PEI) assessing a new piece of work against the requirements of EngTech registration. As no other PEI came forward with an offer of fulfilling this requirement and the license was due to run out in June this year, BINDT offered to assess the NDT Engineering Technician Apprenticeship against the requirements of EngTech registration whilst being observed by the Engineering Council and the Dublin Accord committee.

BINDT established a small Engineering Council Working Group (ECWG) Accreditation Panel to carry out the assessment of the new piece of work. The Engineering Council was in attendance and the Dublin Accord committee attended via the online meeting system. The assessment took place on 3 April at 11 am, with a pre-meeting at 10 am.

BINDT had three objectives for convening the Accreditation Panel:
  • To properly assess a new programme of work as meeting the requirements of engineering registration;
  • To demonstrate to the Engineering Council BINDT’s fair-but-rigorous approach to engineering registration; and
  • To assist the Engineering Council with the Dublin Accord’s relicensing audit.

The ECWG Accreditation Panel went well and the panel (Martin Lugg, Cameron Sinclair, Terry Smith and John Moody) concluded that the NDT Engineering Technician Apprenticeship fully met, if not exceeded, the requirements of Engineering Technician registration.

The Engineering Council was very impressed with the way the ECWG conducted itself and commented on the robustness of BINDT’s approach to Engineering Council registration.

Finally, the Dublin Accord team is still writing its review of the Engineering Council but, in a preliminary communication, it noted that the meeting was ‘judged to have been conducted in a thorough, fair and professional manner. The criteria, procedures and values were consistent with those developed by the Engineering Council.’

The ECWG has always provided, and will continue to provide, robust processes based on quality, consistency and fairness and there is no doubt that BINDT, in terms of its commitment to the NDT industry sector, support for the Engineering Council and its desire to succeed, is punching well above its weight.

Well done to the ECWG for achieving its objectives. If you wish to comment on this successful activity, email:

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