Changing lives through NDT

I continue to be amazed and enthused by the positive stories that NDT apprentices tell me about their apprenticeship journeys, which include a lot of firsts! The first time they attend an NDT training school, the first time they receive their examination results, the first defect they find, their first on-site inspection and so on. What I like most about these stories is how each individual experience adds up to create something really special.

I was lucky enough to interview an individual who had recently finished his NDT Engineering Technician apprenticeship. When I first met the apprentice, he was extremely quiet, had very little knowledge of NDT and I was unsure how he would get on within the NDT environment; however, when I went back to see him, I was blown away by his transformation!

Quite an important note for all employers is that when they take on an NDT apprentice, not only do they have the power to help create the start of a career and professional development programme, but they also have the opportunity to create social transformations and really change people’s lives for the better.

Please note that the views expressed in this column are those of the author and do not represent the views of Skills Training UK or BINDT.

Sam Cunningham is with Skills Training UK and is a member of BINDT’s Education & Professional Development Committee, which oversees the development of the NDT apprenticeships.

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