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Roger Lyon has been writing this column for many years and October’s update came through my letterbox only a few days after his death. Seeing his photograph brought back fond memories of Roger as he project-managed the ~20 employers at BINDT HQ, which resulted in the three NDT apprenticeships standards we, the employers, can now use. The apprenticeships continue to be run in an efficient manner and there are over 200 apprentices on our programmes. We have 24 apprentices from Rolls-Royce plc who have benefited from these standards and I remain grateful to Roger for all of the hard work that he put into them.

When we started the NDT apprenticeships, the government was looking for a ‘Lead Employer’ and, as Rolls-Royce had been doing NDT apprenticeships for a few years, I was ‘volunteered’ for that task. This means that the government writes to me when they want to review standards and discuss the NDT apprenticeships.

It has been four years since our first standard was approved, therefore the government has requested that we start the process of reviewing all of our apprenticeship standards. The first phase we have been asked to complete is a survey of users, including employers and apprentices. The results of this survey will inform the government and BINDT’s employer group if changes are required. 

BINDT will continue to be involved with other apprenticeships, for example condition monitoring, Scottish NDT apprenticeships, nuclear welding, corrosion engineer and aerospace. A list of actions is being compiled so that we can complete our work here.


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