Statistics, benefits of the BINDT end-point assessment package and future developments…

Apprenticeship statistics
The latest figures for apprentices having started or about to start their apprenticeships are:

NDT Operator (one NDT method – 18-month apprenticeship): 25
NDT Engineering Technician (three NDT methods – three-year apprenticeship):    70
NDT Engineer (BEng (Hons) or BSc (Hons) plus one Level 3 – four-year apprenticeship):  20
In the pipeline (across all of the apprenticeships): 19
Total: 134

BINDT end-point assessment
BINDT has developed a low-cost apprenticeship end-point assessment package that delivers maximum benefit at minimal cost to the employers/apprentices. All you need to do for BINDT to carry out your end-point assessment is ask your Lead Provider to select BINDT from the Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) database, notify BINDT and leave the rest to us.
The package includes:
  • Involvement of the Professional Body (BINDT) from the beginning;    
  • Advice on the apprenticeships and the inherent processes;    
  • Technical support;    
  • Mentoring and guidance;    
  • Low-cost end-point assessment (NDT Operator: 38% reduction; NDT Engineering Technician: 37% reduction; and NDT Engineer: 49% reduction);
  • BINDT membership (Affiliate grade);    
  • BINDT personal log book;    
  • BINDT information and records supplement;    
  • BINDT rucksack to keep essential documents safe;    
  • BINDT lapel pin; and    
  • Engineering Council registration (for the first year).    

For your convenience, we will come to you for the NDT Operator and NDT Engineering Technician end-point assessments. End-point assessments can be carried out at the premises of the employer, Lead Provider or ATO/AQB, provided the appropriate facilities are available. The NDT Engineer end-point assessment is likely to be carried out at BINDT’s headquarters in Northampton or at the participating university.

Future developments
I have previously mentioned the further progress with the University of Northampton in developing an ‘MSc Advanced Industrial Practice in Non-Destructive Testing, Condition Monitoring and Structural Health Monitoring’ qualification. The internal faculty meeting for the validation of the MSc, chaired by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology, took place on Thursday 27 September 2018 with a very positive outcome. The full validation event took place at the University of Northampton on Tuesday 30 October 2018.

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