The launch of the BINDT Early Careers Branch

Throughout the NDT apprenticeship journey, learners are supported by various organisations to ensure that they are provided with the correct information, work experience, qualifications and learning material as required by the apprenticeship standards. From the employer and the lead training provider to the end-point assessment organisation and the approved NDT training school, each organisation plays a critical role in ensuring that the apprentice has everything they need to successfully complete their apprenticeship.

I am extremely pleased to announce that BINDT has gone one step further in offering support to apprentices and anyone new to, or interested in, the fields of non-destructive testing (NDT), condition monitoring (CM) and structural health monitoring (SHM) by launching an Early Careers Branch.

The BINDT Early Careers Branch has been created to provide information, advice and guidance to individuals in the early stages of their careers, ultimately acting as a gateway into BINDT and the wider NDT community. Monthly presentations will be conducted to ensure a sustainable and welcoming entry route for anyone looking to progress in the NDT industry. The Branch’s mission is three-fold:
  • To inspire future NDT, CM and SHM technicians and engineers by providing a fun and educational learning programme through informative presentations, question and answer discussions, social events and site visits (virtual and physical) targeted at an early careers audience.
  • To promote the NDT and associated industries by connecting with individuals across various sectors, attending events and celebrating success.
  • To develop individuals in their early careers from all disciplines and industries via the online/physical Branch meetings, events and membership structure.

The Early Careers Branch is set to launch in July and has a full calendar planned for 2021/2022, with events taking place each month through online meetings and/or physical site visits, where appropriate. The Branch is open to anyone of any age and location who is in their early career and looking to develop their knowledge and network.

Anyone who regularly participates in the Early Careers Branch and who is not already a member of BINDT is asked to seek affiliate membership, which is a free non-voting grade open to any person with a demonstrable interest in non-destructive testing, condition monitoring or any of the related technologies. Further information on the affiliate member grade can be found here:

The first Early Careers Branch meeting is scheduled for 29 July at 17h30, where I will introduce the aims and objectives of the Early Careers Branch and David Gilbert, CEO of BINDT, will provide an overview on the outreach and engagement activities of BINDT. For more information on the BINDT Early Careers Branch or to be added to the mailing list, please email: or

Please note that the views expressed in this column are those of the author and do not represent the views of JetSoft or BINDT.

Sam Cunningham is with JetSoft and is a member of BINDT’s Education & Professional Development Committee, which oversees the development of the NDT apprenticeships. He is also an Associate Lecturer for the NDT apprenticeship programme with the University of Northampton.

Employers in England looking to recruit an apprentice can find up-to-date guidance at:

Details of the current apprenticeship vacancies in England are available at:

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