NDT activities in the USA during the transition from COVID lockdown

There is some movement in the NDT world in the USA, suggesting the opening up of inspection activities and bringing technicians back into the workforce. Even during the enforced lockdowns, NDT ideas have flourished!

ASNT continues to run a webinar series prompted by the lockdown. The latest demonstrates how full matrix capture and the total focusing method are revolutionising ultrasonic testing.

Other webinars include ‘Digital radiography – the new horizon’ and ‘The right tool: how to use financing in NDT as a strategy to maximise growth’. The ASNT technical committees, many of which I belong to, are continuing to meet remotely and conduct business.

A website called NDTnow, which is an independent digital publication of We-NDT Marketing Network, is publishing some interesting programmes. Marybeth Miceli CEng MInstNDT FASNT is putting her dynamic energy into these programmes.

“We want to bring the whole industry together from all over the world and would love content and input from our colleagues in the UK,” Marybeth told me. “NDTnow cuts through the noise in non-destructive testing, so you can quickly get the highlights from around the industry all in one place.”

NDTnow.com offers original content and news stories, as well as links to carefully selected educational, informational and promotional pieces from around the NDT industry and the markets it serves.

NDTnow is dedicated to utilising multi-media channels to enable NDT practitioners from every background a means to access information on the industry and from the industry experts in a way that best suits them and best moves the NDT industry forward.

NDTnow’s original content includes new podcasts:
  • We’ve Got Your Six consists of interviews with prominent industry leaders, where they answer the same six questions about how they got into NDT, who their mentors were, advice for those starting their careers and thoughts about where the industry is headed.
  • Level Up! is a question and answer session where submitted questions are answered by a Level III from within the industry.
  • GAIN covers business and management topics.
In response to recent events in the USA, ASNT issued the following statement: “Creating a safer world is ASNT’s mission. Recent events have demonstrated a threat to that safety. As a society, ASNT will be examining ways in which it can better support its members, no matter their race, ethnicity or creed, to create a more equitable society and NDT industry. ASNT welcomes your ideas, feedback and active engagement. It is imperative for us to reflect on, and work to end, racism and discrimination in our industry and in our lives. ASNT is committed to this work and to creating a safer world for us all.”

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