Lighting in penetrant and magnetic particle testing

There is a new standard being worked on with the following potential title: Non-destructive testing – Lighting in penetrant and magnetic particle testing – Good practice. 

There are a couple of interesting statements in the draft standard, including: ‘The manufacturer shall state on his product data sheet the procedure and the frequency of maintenance of the elements ensuring the extraction of calories (for example dust filter replacement, removing dust deposits on coolers, renewal of thermal paste during LED maintenance, etc).’ Having carried out an internet search relating to thermal paste, I now feel very remiss in not changing it in my laptop and other devices and wonder what the manufacturers’ data sheets will state relating to both this and LED maintenance. Are you also expecting to extract calories in accordance with the data sheets and in both instances how will you record these events? 
The second statement is: ‘Luminance contrast. The luminance contrasts shall be increased for people over 45 years old, due to a decrease of sensitivity to contrast. Note: the EN ISO 9241-303 
standard recommends increasing the contrast by at least 30% for people over 45 and doubling it for people over 55.’ 

BS EN ISO 9241-303:2011 is titled ‘Ergonomics of human-system interaction – requirements for electronic visual displays’. It does seem unusual that a standard relating to lighting in penetrant and magnetic particle testing refers to a standard that covers the requirements for electronic visual displays, but I think it is the statement relating to the need for increasing contrast for those over 45 years old and then again for those over 55 years old. How many people performing MT and PT inspections fall into these two age groups and how many employers have actively increased the luminance contrasts within the work place?

There are other potential requirements in this draft standard. Check the information given in the standards review section of future issues of NDT News to see when the standard is published.

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