Automated Ultrasonic Inspection of Welds


Automated Ultrasonic Inspection of Welds
The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing
1989. 104 pp. A5. Soft cover.
0 903 132 15X
This handbook is one of a series of publications that have derived from the work programme of Commission V of the International Institute of Welding. Commission V (1989 Chairman: Mr R S Sharpe) is concerned with Testing, Measurement and Control of Welds and was one of the first working units to be set up when the IIW was established in 1948. The document gives guidance to managers and NDT engineers on the general types of automated ultrasonic NDT equipment and procedures currently in use for weld inspection. The range of automation covered ranges from simple mechanical aids to manual inspections through to sophisticated fully mechanised inspections under computer control. The document accordingly defines categories of complexity of automated inspection and gives guidance on the choice of system appropriate to a user’s particular requirements. It sets out, for the benefit of managers, the general advantages of automated inspection, the constraints on use and the implications for time, resources and planning. Particular emphasis is given to the parameters which affect the choice of equipment, the levels of sophistication and accuracy that are necessary, and the choice of data display. It also gives technical guidance to NDT engineers on the specification, design and implementation of inspections, listing the specific points which should be addressed, and giving some recommendations for the minimum requirements.

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