Non-Destructive Material Testing: Surface Crack Detection


Non-Destructive Material Testing: Surface Crack Detection
R Link and N Riess
Helling GmbH
Hardback, 2014
Following their long-time cooperation in the field of non-destructive material testing, the authors have documented in this book their experience in the area of surface crack testing, its historical development, the theoretical fundamentals and the practical application.
After a general introduction, the three surface-related NDT methods – visual testing, penetrant testing and magnetic particle testing, are described and evaluated.
The physical-technical basis of these methods has been moved into focus, since frequently this is neglected in the technical literature. The knowledge of the physical processes and their mathematical basis is required for a deeper understanding of the subject matter. The authors have tried to explain the processes descriptively in words whenever this was possible. Thus, the reader is not urged to spend time and effort to analyse algorithms and to carry out mathematical derivations.

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