Testing of Concrete in Structures, 4th Edition


Testing of Concrete in Structures, 4th Edition
John H Bungey, Stephen G Millard and Michael G Grantham
Taylor & Francis Group
2006. 340 pp. 240 x 162 mm. Hard cover.
0 415 263 018
Testing of Concrete in Structures provides a comprehensive overview of this important area, while at the same time giving sufficient detail about individual test methods to inform engineers of their advantages and limitations. Building on the success of the first three editions, the authors have carefully revised much of the material, and taken the opportunity to reflect trends in both procedures and equipment, including updating of many photographs and references. For example, there is new material reflecting the impact of digital technology on equipment and interpretation capabilities. Sections dealing with performance monitoring, reinforcement corrosion assessment, localised dynamic response and subsurface radar have been significantly expanded. Recent worldwide developments in guidance documentation including the introduction of new European Standards are also incorporated.

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