BINDT Membership Application - Affiliate Grade


BINDT Membership Application - Affiliate Grade
12 months
BINDT Membership Application - Affiliate Grade

This grade of BINDT membership - which was introduced in 2016 - encompasses the previous Student grade.

Affiliate membership is a non-voting grade open to any person who has a demonstrable interest in non-destructive testing, condition monitoring or any of the related technologies but who is ineligible for membership, or who, for whatever reason, does not wish to join at one of the voting grades.

This includes:
  • bona fide students of science, engineering, metallurgy or other NDT- related subjects;
  • managers, trainees or assistants engaged in NDT, condition monitoring or related technologies; and
  • NDT certificate holders, who will be referred to as BINDT Registered Practitioners.
Be sure to check the Membership requirements before applying.
Click here for further information on entry requirements.

Please follow these simple steps:
  1. When you reach the Checkout please click the link to download the application form (this link will also appear in your confirmation email).
  2. Please complete the application form and send to us along with CV and supporting documents within 6 (six) weeks to facilitate processing.

There is no charge for Affiliate membership of BINDT, however your application is subject to acceptance of your application form. Your application will be assessed and you will be informed of the result of the evaluation that is carried out by the Membership Committee.

Price: £0.00

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