Creaform and Olympus announce worldwide distribution agreement for pipeline integrity assessment solution


Creaform, a worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, has announced that Olympus® Scientific Solutions Americas, a leading manufacturer of phased array (PA) flaw detectors for corrosion inspection, will now distribute Pipecheck™ Analyze, a sophisticated NDT software for pipeline integrity assessment. The Pipecheck Analyze software solution supports PA and conventional ultrasonic testing (UT) data files for corrosion analysis and allows users to gather important information about the status of their components.

When paired with an OmniScan® flaw detector, Pipecheck provides true wall thickness analysis based on a combination of integrity assessment calculations.

Data is provided on the wall thickness, strength, river bottom path, maximum allowable operating pressure, burst pressure, worst-case profile and remaining life calculations. The length, width and maximum depth for each indication found are automatically calculated; the user does not need to size them manually.

The software offers 3D visualisations of the pipe and indications, as well as 2D colour mapping with river bottom path overlay. Scans can be stitched together to see potential corrosion locations over a larger area.

UT technology, paired with a Creaform laser scanner, also enables users to map both the inside and outside surfaces of a pipe.

“We are very proud to partner with Olympus and to integrate OmniScan data with our code-compliant corrosion software analysis. The capability of analysing internal and external corrosion separately or together pushes pipeline assessment to another level,” said Steeves Roy, NDT Product Manager at Creaform.

With Pipecheck, NDT service companies and pipeline engineers can obtain more reliable and traceable analyses to ensure the safest assessment there is. Pipecheck is a trusted solution that enables the identification of potential issues on both the inner and outer linings of pipes using both UT and 3D scanning, whether they be corrosion, dents or gouges in the metal.

Pipecheck can now process data from 3D scanners, as well as data from ultrasonic testing devices, such as the Olympus OmniScan. Pipecheck provides true wall thickness assessment analysis based on the combination of various integrity assessment calculations. Adding Pipecheck to Olympus’s product offering will enable users to utilise phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) data and combine that data with the advanced algorithms and strength calculations offered within Pipecheck, to create the most accurate and realistic damage evaluation of pipeline integrity.