Vaisala takes its world-leading humidity measurements to the cloud


Vaisala, a global leader in weather, environmental and industrial measurements, has introduced a new cloud-based Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud system for professionals who want to access high-quality measurement data anywhere, at any time. The data can be viewed on the go, on either a mobile device, such as mobile phone or tablet, or on a PC or laptop. The Jade Smart Cloud is ideal for any structural moisture or ambient humidity measurement monitoring needs on the go, because it keeps users updated on critical measurements continuously.

Typical applications for the Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud system are, for example, concrete moisture measurements on construction sites and ambient humidity measurement monitoring in data centres, museums or other public buildings and livestock production facilities.

“Cloud-based monitoring makes the actual operations more efficient, as time is no longer wasted in set-up and pairing of hardware with software, or frequent visits to the various measurement sites,” explained Lars Stormbom, Product Manager at Vaisala.

In addition to streamlined work, the system brings benefits in terms of providing regular automated software updates without any downloads and increased collaboration by making it easy to share live or stored data with colleagues and customers. Additionally, the cloud-based system increases data safety and control.

“All measurement data is stored safely in the cloud, where it can be viewed through the web browser on mobile devices. Cloud data can be accessed in real time using a computer or a smartphone and downloaded for further analyses. All data is stored in a tamper-proof format in the cloud, with a timestamp of the measurement,” Lars continued.

The system consists of CWL100 wireless data loggers with probes, a CA10 access point and the Jade Smart Cloud software licence. When measuring concrete moisture, probes can be placed directly inside boreholes or they can be mounted on the wall.

“There are already more than 100,000 borehole measurements made annually with Vaisala instruments. With the Jade Smart Cloud, we are providing the same measurements our customers already trust, in a smart new way that just simply makes life easier,” Lars concluded.

Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud uses Vaisala proprietary LoRa-based radio protocol. Data encryption is used end to end and the data is saved securely in the cloud.

Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud will be available in the European Economic Area in June 2020 in Finnish and English.