Imaginos NDE is official distributor of AcoustoCam i600


Imaginos NDE has announced that it is now the official European distributor for the AcoustoCam i600 ultrasonic camera from Imperium.

The AcoustoCam i600 uses only a single ultrasonic transducer to provide an image with which even the unskilled eye can easily identify a defect! Being a peak detection system, the AcoustoCam i600 displays great results on composites as thin as 0.05 inches (1.27 mm) and up to 3 inches (76 mm), depending on the material’s acoustic properties.

Coupling the ease of image acquisition and using a simple single-axis encoder, the operator can quickly achieve high-resolution C-scan images, not dissimilar to those of a radiograph, after minimal training.

The AcoustoCam i600 can make the visualisation of a defect easy to understand for any NDT professional across the full range of experience. Some of the major benefits of the AcoustoCam i600 include: approval by a major aircraft manufacturer, clear visualisation of the component, simple calibration, low training costs with minimum training time in comparison to other methods, intuitive and simple to use, ultrasonic imaging that even a non-NDT professional can understand, it is said to be perfect for composites and corrosion mapping and reduces industry downtime.

The AcoustoCam i600 can be widely used on a variety of materials, including carbon fibre composites, aluminium, plastics and fibreglass, metals, multi-layer laminates and honeycomb core.

Bob Lasser from Imperium Inc said: “I am excited about this relationship with Imaginos NDE. I have been impressed with the technical capability of the personnel who will be promoting the AcoustoCam i600. Mike Reilly and his staff have afforded Imperium a positive and unique opportunity, which will allow both of us to not only grow each other’s businesses, but will also allow us to investigate and evaluate new applications while minimising the risk to our customers.

“I know we both have high expectations for the future. Imperium has patented technology and tremendous powerful software algorithms that will allow both organisations to offer customers more intuitive products while reducing the learning curve and lowering the true cost of ownership. With Mike’s vast experience and his current team and their experience in developing products, we plan to deliver on these expectations.”