New advanced stereo videoprobe added to rental fleet


Ashtead Technology has added the Olympus IPLEX RX to its rental fleet of remote visual inspection equipment. “We have been very impressed with the functionality of this new videoprobe, and we believe that it will be particularly popular with our customers; as a high-value instrument it is ideal for rental,” said Branch Manager Alan Hasson. “The main advantages are an advanced imaging capability and a screen-switching system that enables users to employ in-built stereo measurement technology to easily measure defects from a variety of different angles.

“The stereo measurement facility provides users with enormous capability to accurately characterise defects; a ‘distance’ mode enables the measurement of defect length by clicking the cursor at both ends of the defect. In the ‘point-to-line’ mode, it is possible to create a reference line and then measure a distance from that line. Similarly, a ‘depth’ mode enables the measurement of depth or height from a specified reference surface to any point, and an ‘area/lines’ mode can be employed to measure the circumference or area between marker points.

“Users are able to quickly switch between normal observation mode to the stereo modes, and measurements are quick and easy to undertake.”

The IPLEX RX produces the best video and still image quality of any Olympus videoscope thanks to a unique PulsarPic™ image processor, which reduces noise and sharpens images, resulting in an exceptionally high-resolution image. This is complemented by a new LED illumination system that is approximately twice as bright as conventional videoscopes, and dynamically adjusts light output to reduce halation when metal or reflective surfaces are inspected. The image processor interacts intelligently with the illumination system to deliver an optimised amount of light and gain enhancement to provide images that are very clear and sharply defined.

Weighing just 2.9 kg, the IPLEX RX is battery powered, running for up to two hours on a single charge. It also features a 6.6" monitor and has been designed to military specifications, passing a range of severe environmental tests, such as blowing rain/dust, high humidity and icing rain. In addition, the low-reflection daylight view monitor displays clear images, even under bright sunlight. The insertion tube is covered with a tough, processed tungsten braid and is high-temperature resistant, crush and abrasion proof.

Summarising, Alan Hasson said: “The advanced capability of this new instrument will make it popular in inspection applications within industries such as aerospace, oil & gas, power generation, renewable energy, processing and manufacturing, and the availability of rental systems will mean that stereo measurement technology is now available to everyone, without the burden of capital cost.”