New features added to online professional development service


Members of the British Institute of NDT are increasingly using the ‘My BINDT’ area of the BINDT website to update their contact details and password, view their membership status, pay and renew membership fees and download documents corresponding to their role on committees. The online version of Insight can be accessed for free and members can also find a growing number of resources and relevant information, as well as register for future e-newsletters.

In addition, registered users can access their own ‘My Career’ section of the site. Here, they can enter details of their employment, education and training record, professional experience, future work activities and personal interests and ambitions. This is the first phase in the development of a comprehensive continuing professional development (CPD) tool for BINDT members, providing a powerful resource that will become central to their career.

New features are being added all the time, and users now have the ability to upload documents to their own secure area, share selected information with others, print a PDF version to supplement their CV and take advantage of a resource that is the subject of on-going development. The kinds of documents being uploaded include CVs, training and qualification certificates and attendance records.

Users can choose which details they want to share by ticking the appropriate ‘display’ boxes and selecting who to display it to using the ‘visibility settings’ dropdown selector. These details appear in the ‘Members Directory’ (

As part of its continued commitment to promoting and supporting the professional development of its community, BINDT will be opening the My Career section and associated CPD tool to all PCN certificate holders during 2015. Ultimately, this will allow the online recording of relevant work experience data as evidence of continuing professional practice (CPP) designed to satisfy the requirements for PCN certification renewal, include automatically details of valid PCN certificates and facilitate access to a wide range of CPD resources.

To take advantage of the new resources without charge, PCN certificate holders will need to be registered on the BINDT website. Watch NDT News for further details of how to enrol.