Chinese OEM to use real-time condition monitoring


Teledyne Controls, a flight data management business, has entered a partnership with the Chinese aircraft manufacturer Comac to build a real-time monitoring system for the Comac ARJ21 aircraft.

Key to the solution is Teledyne’s real-time monitoring unit (RTMU), which will be used in all ARJ21 aircraft after the unit’s certification. The RTMU provides Comac with a state-of-the-art hardware and software solution for data acquisition, aircraft condition monitoring and data recording.

“The purpose of the RTMU is to acquire and monitor the aircraft parameters,” said Richard Huang, Teledyne’s Director of Marketing and Sales for the Asia-Pacific region. “If any parameters are outside of the norm, it will generate and downlink the reports via ACARS in real time to notify the airline operator and/or the aircraft manufacturer.

“The RTMU also records and downlinks continuous raw data after the aircraft lands. This is achieved via Teledyne’s GroundLink Comm+ systems that are already installed on the ARJ21. This data can be used for aircraft system condition monitoring, performance trending and operational quality assurance.”