Official opening of Lavender’s new UT training suite


As part of an expansion programme, Lavender International has invested in a new suite of offices and workshops to accommodate all of its ultrasonic training programmes. Since September 2013, the company has been gradually consolidating its UT programmes to the new site at the Technology Centre, Advanced Manufacturing Park, Brunel Way, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S60 5WG. Now, all the manual UT courses operate alongside phased array and time-of-flight diffraction courses. As well as all the expected high-quality equipment and samples, the company has also invested in top-spec display screens, including some with innovative touch-screens that integrate directly with the UT sets for a better training experience.

On Friday 7 March, from 10 am until 3 pm, Lavender International’s UT team, headed by Tim Armitt, will be demonstrating the following, to showcase the new facilities and equipment:
  • MUT class: iCorr training using interactive touch-screen driving a manual UT instrument
  • PAUT classroom: iCorr interactive touch-screen used to drive an Omniscan as part of the classroom training
  • Phased array corrosion mapping: using two-axis raster scanning with HydroForm™, RexoForm™ and solid wedges
  • Corrosion mapping with TOFD using two-axis encoded scanning
  • AUT pipeline inspection: software and hardware demonstrations for the inspection of pipeline girth welds
  • Weld inspection using semi-automated TOFD and phased array combinations
  • Phased array weld inspection of small bore pipe welds with data interpretation
  • Single-side access pipe-to-flange weld inspection with data interpretation
  • Flange face corrosion inspection using phased arrays.
At 3 pm, there will be an official opening with ICNDT Chairman Dr Mike Farley in attendance, and it is particularly poignant that it would have been Jack Lavender’s 90th birthday. Attendance at the official opening is free, but registration is required so that visitors can be catered for. Please register your details with: