Oceanscan invests in phased array


After closely monitoring the NDT markets, both here in the UK and overseas, Oceanscan is again up there with the leaders in the inspection equipment hire market by investing heavily in phased array technology.

Phased array brings many benefits such as real-time data collection and storage, reducing on-site inspection times and giving a reliable comparison for later inspections. The POD (probability of detection) is also significantly higher due to flooding the piece with ultrasound and scanning through a number of inspection angles whilst displaying the data as A-, S-, B- and C-scans. This easy-to-understand imaging gives the operator and end client extra confidence when an indication has been found.

As well as investing in equipment, Oceanscan also recognises the need to invest in experienced personnel and is pleased to announce that Jonathan Bancroft has recently joined the company as Business Development Manager.  This is in addition to Andy Myles joining Oceanscan as the UK NDT Sales Manager six months ago. 

Ken Hunter, Oceanscan MD, stated: "Both Andy and Jonathan join us from Olympus and bring with them a wealth of knowledge in this state-of-the-art technology and the markets that have embraced it. Their experience and product knowledge will be invaluable in developing this latest addition to Oceanscan's already comprehensive inspection inventory."
Not content with just offering the Olympus OmniScan alone, Oceanscan has developed turnkey solution kits for weld/plate inspection, corrosion mapping, simultaneous TOFD and phased array, plus many recognised aerospace applications, such as scribe line and landing gear inspections.