CorrosionRADAR and Sitech Services announce partnership for remote monitoring of CUI


The adoption of remote monitoring solutions for corrosion under insulation (CUI) has received a major boost in the Netherlands, with CorrosionRADAR and Sitech Services announcing their partnership. 

CorrosionRADAR, a UK-based global provider of predictive corrosion monitoring and analytics products, is a pioneer in remote monitoring solutions for corrosion under insulation. 

Under the new partnership, Sitech Services, a leading high-tech engineering service provider in the chemical processing industry, will distribute and deploy CorrosionRADAR’s corrosion under insulation monitoring solution, providing its network of customers in the Chemelot region with the benefits of advanced asset monitoring capabilities that can radically enhance the performance of their assets. 

With this partnership, both CorrosionRADAR and Sitech Services are taking a major step towards a future in which smart technologies, data and insights are used to enhance and optimise the performance of industrial assets. The partnership promises to deliver significant environmental safety and cost-saving benefits across the chemicals industry. 

Sitech will bring CorrosionRADAR’s ground-breaking predictive corrosion monitoring solutions to its customer base, helping asset owners to monitor critical industrial assets for issues such as corrosion under insulation.

CUI is an increasing problem for ageing assets, such as pipelines and columns, as it accelerates decay and increases the risk of unscheduled shutdowns, leading to costly, unplanned downtime. 

For the last few years, Sitech’s customer AnQore, a specialist chemical producer, has used remote CUI monitoring on an ageing asset.

This pilot project has proven to be successful, serving as an excellent example of efficiency and reliability. Mehrdad Silatani, Chief Operating Officer at CorrosionRADAR, said: “We are proud to be joining forces with Sitech Services in a collaboration that will bring our innovative corrosion detection solutions to an important new audience, allowing us to grow and expand into the multibillion-dollar chemicals industry, while we continue to lead the charge in cutting-edge solutions that address the very complex challenge of corrosion under insulation. We look forward to a long and successful partnership.” 

Rob Gulickers, Director of Technology & Innovation at Sitech, said: “The intensive collaboration with CorrosionRADAR perfectly aligns with Sitech’s strategy to let customers benefit from our network and our expertise and vision on asset maintenance. With this new form of contract, we guarantee state-of-the-art solutions within asset management.”