MOL to commercialise ‘V-MO’


Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd (MOL) has recently concluded collaborative research and development with Asahi Kasei Engineering, resulting in the successful launch of V-MO, a monitoring service designed for marine motors. V-MO employs vibration sensors to proactively detect motor abnormalities, identify their root causes and continuously monitor the condition of motors installed on vessels. By leveraging cloud-based data transmission, this cutting-edge solution enables real-time monitoring of motor status both on board and remotely from shore. With V-MO, maritime operators can optimise motor performance, enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

The collaborative research project, which commenced in November 2017, aimed to harness Asahi Kasei Engineering’s established vibration diagnostic technology, known for its successful implementation in numerous onshore plants. Progressing from 2020 onwards, the project team expanded the scope of trials and actively promoted trial services, with the ultimate goal of practical application. As part of the process, approximately 200 vibration sensors were strategically installed across 13 vessels operated by MOL, including very large crude oil tankers (VLCCs), dry bulk carriers, car carriers and container ships. Real-time data collection and analysis took place throughout actual voyages, ensuring continuous verification. 

Through rigorous testing, the project team confirmed the effectiveness and viability of the system, leading to its availability for commercialisation. Going forward, MOL plans to increase the installation of V-MO systems on its own vessels, while Asahi Kasei Engineering, in collaboration with Fuji Trading Co Ltd, the sales agency for V-MOs, will actively market and sell V-MOs to not only MOL but also other vessel owners and operators in Japan and internationally.

The primary objectives of this project are to enhance operational safety and drive digital transformation (DX) within the maritime industry. By leveraging the insights gained from the research collaboration, MOL aims to maintain its leadership position and continually advance technological innovation in the field of marine transportation.