PCN Verification Form

Use the form below to search for PCN certified NDT practitioners. Put in any part of the name or PCN number of the practitioner if you know it. Put a tick next to a sector or method to restrict results to practitioners with the appropriate skills.

NOTICE: BINDT has uncovered a very widespread and systemic breach of ethics and serious malpractice in the case of NDT International PTE Ltd. As a result of its thorough investigations, it has no confidence that procedures have been followed and, after careful consideration, BINDT has taken the difficult decision to void all certificates gained through NDT International PTE Ltd. Please refer to the PCN News page, for further information.

The following list is all the certificates that have been withdrawn, please check the list if you cannot find the certificate on the verification page.

NDT sectors
Forgings and wrought products
Railway maintenance
Pre and in-service inspection
Tubes and pipes
NDT methods
Liquid Penetrant Testing
Magnetic Particle Testing
Electromagnetic Testing
Ultrasonic Testing
Visual Testing
Guided Wave
Weld Inspection
Condition monitoring sectors
Civil engineering
Mechanical engineering
Electrical engineering
Condition monitoring methods
Vibration Analysis [General only]
Acoustic Emission [General only]
Lubrication Analysis [General and Field only]
Infrared Thermography