And the winning employers are…

Why do I call them the winning employers? It is because the employers that have already started apprenticeships have the potential to draw down £374,400 worth of government funding to share between them. However, other employers will not have missed out. If you want to get involved in one of the three NDT apprenticeships (NDT Operator, NDT Engineering Technician or NDT Engineer), then you can and there is no limit to the number of apprentices you can take on. You can be involved in any, or all of, the NDT apprenticeships. You can go to any Approved Training Organisation (ATO) that is facilitating apprenticeships or any Lead Provider (LP) that has an allocation of funds and, most important of all, you can get expert advice from BINDT through contacting John Moody (

The table below provides details of current and future employer commitments:

So, how do you get started? It’s simple: contact any NDT Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and ascertain whether it can facilitate apprenticeships. Once you have chosen your ATO, arrange a meeting and you will be talked through the process. Don’t forget to make contact with BINDT. One thing to consider is that the interim funding model comes to an end on 30 April 2017 and it is to be replaced by a new funding model linked to the apprenticeship levy. Employers need to determine whether it is better to start before the end of April 2017 or start in May 2017. If you start before the end of April 2017, you will stay on the interim funding model until completion of the apprenticeship. For further information of the benefits of both funding schemes, contact BINDT for a copy of the guidance document ‘Employers – Let’s Get Started’ (soon to be published on the BINDT website). Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to cash in on the training costs of apprenticeships and benefit from fully-trained, knowledgeable, skilled and competent NDT operators, technicians and engineers.

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