How important is a visual testing (VT) qualification?

How important is a visual testing (VT) qualification? Surely someone qualified in NDT can perform visual inspections? Well, ISO 9712 does list VT as a method in its own right. Would you expect a VT inspector to be able to carry out magnetic particle testing without any training or certification? Could a penetrant tester carry out eddy current testing without training or certification? The last two questions are probably very easy to answer with a no but, as with VT, each case is an application of a surface inspection method.

Should all future inspection personnel be encouraged to take a VT course before any other training, as you are advised to look at the item under test before you test it?

If you were to attend a VT course you would be trained in the conditions required for VT inspections, the equipment used, including borescopes, endoscopes, etc, and be more aware of how to process images and compensate for missing data or poor conditions.

Who noticed that the inspector in the accompanying picture is wearing a ring on his left hand?

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