Minnich highlights concrete vibration innovations


Minnich Manufacturing has showcased its latest concrete vibration solutions, the Stinger electric flex shaft concrete vibrator, the M-Box high-cycle vibration control solution and the Auto Vibe paving vibrator monitoring system, at World of Concrete 2019 in Las Vegas.

“At Minnich, we are dedicated to helping concrete contractors and concrete paving superintendents maximise quality,” said Rob Minnich, Vice President of Marketing at Minnich Manufacturing. “We are excited to display our concrete vibration innovations at the show and will continue to bring products to the industry that support the findings of concrete research facilities across the country.”

The Minnich Stinger electric flex shaft concrete vibrator is a 14.5 lb (6.5 kg) double-insulated universal motor that can drive the full line of Minnich vibrator shafts and heads, from 0.75" to 2.5" (1.9 cm to 6.3 cm). Available in a 15 A (115 V) version, it offers a more compatible speed range of 11,000 to 13,000 vibrations per minute to meet the concrete placement challenges of today.

The unit comes as standard with a quick disconnect that adapts to the vibrator shafts and heads of many other manufacturers. A durable protective frame extends vibrator life with urethane end caps that absorb shock while supporting easy-to-grip handles.

The Stinger provides quiet operation, meeting Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) A 29 CFR 1910.95 standards. Its double-insulated motor runs safely when grounded systems are compromised.

The Minnich M-Box high-cycle vibration control solution is a high-cycle power converter that enables high-cycle vibrator operators to control the speed/vibrations per minute of up to two vibrators. The M-Box minimises the time and cost associated with patching structural concrete surface blemishes caused by excessive vibrator speeds.

In pumped concrete mixes, available/bleed water can be an issue. The higher the vibrator speed, the more water separation occurs and collects on the form faces. Chipping and patching labour and patch material can be expensive.

Minnich M-Box operators can select from speeds of 6000, 8000 and 10,800 vibrations per minute. The product converts the 230 V, single-phase outlet of a 3500 W generator to 230 V three-phase output, allowing the operator to choose a uniform and compatible constant speed under different concrete loads.

The Minnich Auto Vibe vibrator monitoring systems for paving machines can monitor, control and program hydraulic vibrator speeds during the paving process for superior concrete surface results.

The Auto Vibe II monitors up to 62 hydraulic vibrators during the paving process, recording and displaying real-time data that can be used to ensure proper vibrator operation. Readings are recorded by time, distance travelled or at the push of a button. Reports can be generated after the data is imported from a USB drive. The system can be installed on any new or existing hydraulic vibrator system.

The Auto Vibe III monitors and records vibrations per minute data just like the Auto Vibe II, with the added feature of controlling and maintaining the vibrations per minute of the vibrator at the monitor instead of at the manifold. Once the vibrations per minute speed is set, the monitor communicates with the manifold and automatically makes adjustments to maintain the desired speed.

The complete line of Minnich vibration solutions includes high-cycle, paving, flex shaft and monitoring units.