RAEng Green Paper: Engineering an economy that works for all


The Royal Academy of Engineering has released its response to the UK government’s renewed focus on industrial strategy in a Green Paper, titled: ‘Engineering an economy that works for all’.

The Green Paper, which has been produced on behalf of Engineering the Future, an alliance of the 38 professional engineering bodies in the UK, received collaboration and input from a number of UK professional engineering institutions (PEIs), including the British Institute of NDT. It sets out a broad spread of challenges to which the strategy should respond with an ambitious, global vision and lists nine key recommendations for success, including investment in research and innovation, developing skills, investing in infrastructure and supporting businesses to start and grow, among others.

Professor Dame Ann Dowling OM DBE FREng FRS, President of the Royal Academy of Engineering, said: “A good industrial strategy will not make government intervention more likely, but it will make it more predictable – and that builds confidence and encourages business investment. The strategy must be long term and sustained, with cross-party and whole government support, and should be a part of all party manifestos.

“The industrial strategy is a critical platform to maintain and grow the UK’s prosperity as we prepare to leave the EU, but needs to extend beyond its current proposed scope into primary and secondary schools and continuing professional development to be truly successful. It provides an unparalleled opportunity to engage the public with the UK’s industrial and engineering strengths. Government should capitalise on this to take the opportunity to excite and inspire the public, especially young people, about the country’s potential to develop and grow world-leading innovations and their own opportunity to be a part of the innovation process. It also provides renewed impetus to enable creative and productive collaboration between industry and academia to enhance economic growth.”

Further information is available on the RAEng website and the report is available to download at: www.raeng.org.uk/policy/engineering-policy/industrial-strategy