Corrosion Inspection Certification – two new courses from TWI


TWI has launched two courses that provide comprehensive training in the detection and quantification of corrosion.

The first, ‘Corrosion Detection and Monitoring – Conventional Ultrasonic Inspection (UT)’, is a five-day course covering the issues associated with corrosion, from the mechanisms of corrosion and material degradation to identification, quantification and effective inspection and monitoring.

The second, ‘Corrosion Detection and Monitoring – Advanced Ultrasonic Inspection (PAUT)’, which is also a five-day course, introduces phased array ultrasonic testing, corrosion mapping and analysis to provide an even more comprehensive understanding of corrosion inspection, quantification and monitoring.

Modern non-destructive testing (NDT) methods, particularly ultrasonic testing, are capable of detecting and quantifying corrosion with a high degree of accuracy. This is essential for many sectors of industry, but none more so than oil & gas, where processing plant and offshore facility operators need to be able to make informed decisions when considering maintenance schedules, condition monitoring and engineering critical assessments determining life extension and reduction decisions.

Both courses are fully accredited to BS EN ISO 9712, leading to internationally-recognised CSWIP NDT certification, which is respected by industry and in demand around the globe. The courses are suitable for Level 2 ultrasonic inspectors in either UT or PAUT wishing to gain a Level 2 endorsement in corrosion detection and monitoring.

Both courses are scheduled to take place throughout 2016 at TWI training centres in Cambridge, Middlesbrough and Aberdeen and places can be booked now.