SGS expands European drill equipment inspection services


Expanding its upstream service offering in Europe, SGS has entered into a new partnership with the Netherlands-based Drilling Service Centre, strategically located in Middenmeer, to offer comprehensive drill equipment inspection (DEI) services.

Through the partnership, SGS will now combine the Drilling Service Centre’s expert cleaning, repair and equipment conservation offering with its own renowned independent inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) services, carried out with specialised ultrasonic inspection tools according to NS2.

Pieter van Moerkerk from SGS said: “Drilling clients hire drill equipment or purchase the equipment for drilling activities in the North Sea. When used once, the equipment needs to be inspected. The Drilling Service Centre in Middenmeer provides all the services needed for reuse, maintenance and overhaul of drilling equipment. The only missing part of the puzzle was SGS’s independent drill equipment inspection services. As a result, the partnership between SGS and the Drilling Service Centre provides a truly unique and comprehensive offering to the upstream sector across Europe.”

As well as providing services on site in Middenmeer, the partnership will also use mobile facilities to provide services where the equipment is used. As a result, clients will no longer need to arrange transportation of their equipment to a testing site.