Silverwing holds second International Partners meeting


April saw Silverwing hold its second International Partners Meeting at its new factory in Swansea. Distributors from 15 different countries attended the meeting, along with Silverwing staff from its USA, Middle East and African offices.

The meeting was designed to bring together the distributors and provide a platform for sharing knowledge, strengthening partnerships and working for growth.

The week-long programme was designed to motivate, inspire and inform the global distributors of Silverwing. This was achieved by a combination of hands-on workshops with the equipment and business case presentations. The new facility has a 400 m2 applications centre, where the products can be fully evaluated on a wide range of test samples.

During their stay they heard from Silverwing’s CEO, Mr Wayne Woodhead, about Silverwing’s core values/business strategy and market sector. They also heard presentations from Silverwing’s Dr Neil Pearson on new directions/research collaborations and Silverwing’s future developments.

Jackie Berry, Silverwing’s Global Distributor Manager, said: “Without our overseas business partners it would be difficult for Silverwing to cover this many regions. With our highly-motivated and knowledgeable distributors in these countries it will be a pleasure to further extend the international reach of Silverwing, which will naturally also benefit our local clients.”