Envirosuite to acquire EMS Brüel & Kjær


Australian environmental management technology firm Envirosuite Limited (EVS) has announced that it will acquire EMS Brüel & Kjær Holdings Pty Ltd (EMS), a noise and vibration monitoring technology company, combining to create a global leader in environmental technology.

The acquisition will see accelerated growth opportunities for both organisations, providing access to capital and a broader product offering, geographical footprint and customer base, with synergies across operations and markets. The acquisition will also provide increased research and development (R&D) investment and focus in the environmental monitoring sector.

The companies will bring together 280 staff operating in over 40 countries, with continued plans to expand strategically using new combined solutions, enhancing and developing opportunities in growth markets, including Envirosuite’s recent entry into China.

To fund the acquisition, EVS successfully raised capital of AUD$75 million (approximately £38.5 million) in January and intends to raise a further AUD$10 million (approximately £5.1 million) through a share purchase plan in February. The combined entity will have an estimated revenue of AUD$55-60 million (approximately £28.1-30.7 million).

Macquarie Capital, a current investor in EMS, will become a major shareholder in EVS and will be offered a seat on the Board, maintaining a strategic interest in the business and sector. Additionally, Macquarie Capital will assist the company’s growth through a referral agreement that utilises its global businesses in areas such as renewable energy, infrastructure and real estate, including airports, wind farms, construction sites and greenfield developments.

Macquarie Capital’s investment in EVS is a specific example of Macquarie’s focus on applying technology to infrastructure and a recognition of its positive view of the global environmental monitoring sector.