Zetec to host webinar on eddy current array technology in aerospace


Zetec Inc will host a one-hour webinar on how the latest advancements in eddy current array (ECA) technology can improve the accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness of non-destructive testing techniques in the aerospace industry.

Presented by Jesse Herrin, Product Manager at Zetec, the webinar will be offered in two sessions:
  • Wednesday 23 May at 6.00 pm (BST)
  • Thursday 24 May at 3.00 pm (BST).

The webinar will conclude with a question and answer session. A recorded version will be available for later viewing.

“Today’s ECA solutions are prominent in aerospace inspections but have key performance challenges,” said Herrin. “This webinar will demonstrate how advanced ECA solutions with improved signal-to-noise ratios can produce faster, more accurate inspections of the multi-layered materials and complex-shaped components that are prevalent in the aerospace industry.”

The webinar will feature a solution that detects flaws more reliably while emphasising portability and ease of use in hard-to-reach inspection areas.

“This webinar can help deliver a competitive advantage,” Herrin said. “You’ll gain an understanding of how to improve flaw detection while reducing inspection times for a wide range of aerospace

Webinar registration is currently open. For more information, visit: www.zetec.com/news/webinar-improve-flaw-detection-aerospace-advanced-eddy-current-array-technology