CAMP introduces system integration


Aircraft maintenance management provider CAMP Systems has introduced new functionality aimed at enhancing the company’s non-scheduled maintenance capabilities. The CAMP Engine Health Monitoring ‘EHM/MTX Integration’ service provides operators with expert analysis of an engine’s health and provides an alert whenever trend data indicates that an inspection or other on-condition maintenance action is recommended.

Using the company’s new Maintenance Observation tool, this information can be processed in an integrated path from engine data to items due list, with complete control by the operator. Recommended actions are included in a filterable list within CAMP maintenance.

With the integration now provided in the system, operators can choose to have their dedicated analyst automatically escalate the issue to a discrepancy on the due list, or they can stage the recommended action to the observation list for further disposition. Escalation from observation to actionable discrepancy is easily accomplished with a click of the mouse, recording and rendering the entire history as a traceable event.

Using the tool, operators can seamlessly flow between their CAMP EHM and CAMP maintenance services, improving communication and productivity. The electronically transmitted records eliminate manual processing steps and potential errors that may result.