ElastiSense EDS contact capacitive displacement sensors


Bestech Australia has announced the release of a new capacitive-based contact displacement sensor, EDS from ElastiSense. These sensors are recommended for applications in harsh industrial environments.

A type of contact capacitive displacement sensor, the EDS sensor series features a sensing element made of a hyper-elastic elastomer stretchable strain gauge. It comprises a dielectric sheet and deformable electrodes. During operation, the sensing element is stretched by a machine or a structure, which produces a change in capacitance. The displacement value can be calculated based on this change.

Key features of the EDS contact displacement sensors include: capabilities to take both linear and off-axis measurements, unlike other piston-based displacement sensors; robust design that is highly resistant to shock, vibration and installation misalignment; the ‘no sliding’ parts design further reducing installation and maintenance costs; the ability to generate analogue output as current, 4-20 mA, or voltage, 0-10 V, upon request; the capability to interface with the RS485 network; and a fast measurement rate of up to 10 kS/s making it suitable for fast and dynamic measurement tasks.

The EDS contact capacitive displacement sensor can be used in standalone applications or as part of the system together with other daisy-chained sensors. It can also be easily integrated into a common industrial interface.

EDS sensors also feature a 20-200 mm measurement range, 0.1% FS accuracy, a 10 kHz sampling rate, analogue and digital RS485 output and IP63 protection.

The ground-breaking technology of EDS sensors makes it highly suitable for metal forming applications. Additionally, the sensor is commonly used to detect faulty operations of stamping tools due to the presence of metal slugs as well as in-process automation, structural condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and even research and development (R&D) applications.