MFL tube inspection


ETher NDE has released the latest addition to its eddy current flaw detector range, the SteelCheck. Building on the success of ETher’s NDT product development, the SteelCheck has been designed to bring to the market a compact, dedicated magnetic flux leakage (MFL) instrument for testing carbon steel tubes and plates.

Housed in a robust, site-proven enclosure, the SteelCheck offers the operator a three-channel (Hall sensor and two coil) flux leakage system, making it an ideal tube inspection unit for carbon steel (ferromagnetic tubes), especially ‘fin-fan’ tubes. Unlike other remote field eddy current methods, it is unaffected by external aluminium fins and has the capability to discriminate between external and internal defects and wall thinning.

Packaged to be a highly portable, battery-operated MFL system, with up to 8 h operation time on one charge, the SteelCheck offers faster pulling speeds, with a maximum pull of 100 kg. The rugged stainless steel and titanium probe design delivers a performance longevity greater than 1000 tubes, with a standard 20 m (65 ft) push-pull cable. With improved signal-to-noise ratio, a large daylight-readable display and the easy-to-use ETher user interface on board, the SteelCheck is ready to go as soon as it is ‘out of the box’, all at an attractive price that offers exceptional value for money.

The SteelCheck comes with a two-year warranty and the guarantee of product quality and efficient support from ETher NDE and its distributor network. ETherCover is also available, which will extend the cover to five years and includes an annual recalibration and health check for four years commencing at the end of year one, two free-of-charge battery swaps if required within the five-year period and complimentary software upgrades during the five-year period with a guaranteed fast turnaround.