Volume Graphics releases new generation of CT software solutions


Volume Graphics has announced the latest generation of its software solutions for non-destructive quality assurance with industrial computed tomography (CT): Version 3.3 of VGSTUDIO MAX, VGSTUDIO, VGMETROLOGY and VGinLINE.

Updates in 3.3 include multi-material dimensioning, native Q-DAS support, optical character recognition (OCR)-based automation and high-quality volume meshing.

The company is the leading provider of industrial computed tomography software, according to management consultants Frost & Sullivan (basis: ‘2018 Global Industrial CT Software Market Leadership Award’). Volume Graphics’ VGSTUDIO MAX software is used for the analysis and visualisation of industrial computed tomography data and covers all requirements related to metrology, defect detection and assessment, material properties and simulation.

Using the new version, customers can determine the surfaces of multi material components, export measurement and analysis results to store them centrally in quality management software, automate inspection processes more flexibly based on text recognition and translate real CT data into volume meshes for simulation.

To further support its customers, Volume Graphics has also added a new Technical Consulting unit that provides professional consulting and evaluation services.

“With version 3.3 of our software solutions, we are once again laying the foundation for customers to make their processes smarter,” said Christof Reinhart, CEO and Co-Founder of Volume Graphics GmbH.

“For example, using the new data export, metrology data derived with the tremendous measurement capabilities of our software can be seamlessly shared with QA systems, where the values can then be combined and checked over time. More than ever before, this new feature enables customers to better integrate leading-edge CT technology into their existing software landscape. The new export feature is based on the native support of the widely used Q-DAS format, which makes using results in third-party statistical or analysis software especially easy.”