Intertek adds X-ray CT to laboratory capabilities


Intertek’s non-destructive testing (NDT) experts in Derby, UK, have recently added an X-ray computed tomography (CT) scanner to the company’s extensive laboratory of advanced technology.

The scanner has both 240 kV microfocus and 450 kV minifocus capability. CT scanning combines multiple X-ray images taken from different angles as the inspected object is slowly rotated.

Specialised software combines these images to create a three-dimensional model that can be analysed to identify internal features and potential defects such as cracking, porosity and delamination. The technique can also be used to provide accurate measurements between features in all three axes. Additionally, CT scanning provides greater resolution than conventional X-ray and is able to identify the location of features or discontinuities in 3D.

The CT scanner is very advantageous as new designs and technology are increasingly incorporating complex components and many of these are now made using additive layer manufacturing (ALM) techniques. X-ray computerised tomography (XCT) is a particularly useful technique for the inspection of these types of component as it can provide clear internal images that would not be possible using conventional X-ray or other non-destructive techniques such as ultrasonic testing.

David Danger, Managing Director at Intertek NDT/MT Services in Derby, commented: “We are always looking for pioneering ways to help our customers around the world. By investing in technology we can provide additional expertise, advanced technical solutions and more extensive analysis of products and equipment within industries such as aerospace, oil & gas, renewable energy and more.

“This impressive X-ray scanner is a perfect complement to our growing array of testing equipment and we are excited to show our customers how it can help them assure the quality and safety of their products and equipment.”

On-site, or from the company’s purpose-built testing facilities, Intertek’s accredited NDT experts serve a wide range of sectors, providing both specialised analytical and technical consulting services as well as conventional and advanced NDT and materials testing. Utilising advanced testing equipment the company delivers trusted services to companies in sectors such as aerospace, nuclear and conventional power generation, oil, gas, petrochemical, mining, engineering, fabrication, rail, defence, marine, motorsport and transportation.