New microphone for measurements in hazardous areas


PCB Piezotronics Inc has released a prepolarised condenser microphone system, Model EX378B02, for use in hazardous areas. The new microphone system is compliant with explosive atmospheres and gaseous hazardous environments in which standard microphones are restricted. Additionally, EX378B02 is compliant with intrinsic safety protection levels for all aboveground applications globally, very high below-ground mine safety protection levels for all mining locations outside of North America and below-ground mine safety tests in Europe.

The EX378B02 is equipped with a free-field microphone cartridge.Featuring an industry-exclusive design, it has a frequency range of 3.75 to 20,000 Hz. With a low-end noise-floor measurement capability of 15.5 dBA, it can measure accurately to 137 dB at the top end. The extended range makes this acoustic measurement system an excellent choice for leak detection, gas tank testing, oil rig and machinery monitoring applications in areas where spark prevention is critical.