MISTRAS Group Inc acquires Controlled Vibrations Incorporated


MISTRAS Group Inc has acquired Controlled Vibrations Incorporated (CVI) located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA.

CVI has been a leader in the Predictive Maintenance (PdM) industry since 1991, integrating PdM technologies with maintenance programme management. Clients have benefited by using CVI's established benchmarking methods to industry best practices, ensuring maximum return on their investment. As a result, leading corporations from the power generation, steel, petrochemical, nuclear, paper, HVAC, co-generation, manufacturing, hospital, government agencies and pharmaceutical industries use CVI proprietary methods.

CVI's core business covers a variety of PdM services including vibration PdM/RBM (Reliability Based Maintenance) walk-around programmes, infrared thermography surveys, oil analysis, ultrasonics, motor condition monitoring and strain gauge materials testing and stress analysis. In addition, CVI also performs factory and on-site third party acceptance testing, installation of permanent vibration sensor and on-line monitoring systems and complete engineering root cause analysis. CVI as a technical engineering service company also supplies training with certification in predictive maintenance markets.

Michael Burch, former owner of CVI and current Vice President Predictive Maintenance Products and Services for the MISTRAS Group, will also be managing another subsidiary of MISTRAS, Vibra-Metrics, a manufacturer of vibration sensing instruments and sensors. "Joining the MISTRAS Group creates an engine for growth for CVI and its employees. Combining CVI with the resources and technology of Vibra-Metrics and Physical Acoustics Corp (PAC) along with MISTRAS's worldwide presence will enable us to faster recognise our potential of becoming an international force in PdM and On-line Asset Managment," stated Michael Burch. Dr Sotirios J Vahaviolos, Chairman and CEO of MISTRAS Group, added: "With CVI and the knowledge that its principles bring to the PdM marketplace adds another dimension to our continuous effort in becoming a technology enabled service company in the asset protection business."