Inuktun Services raises the bar with latest pipe inspection system


Inuktun Services Limited, a leading designer and manufacturer of robotic camera and crawler technologies, has just announced the release of its latest pipe inspection system, the Versatrax 50™ (VT50), a remotely-operated crawler for inspecting pipes as small as 50 mm in diameter.

Based on new miniature Picotrac™ transporter modules and the Crystal Cam® Onyx camera, the Versatrax 50 raises the bar for confined space entry and inspection. At only 320 mm long by 37 mm wide, the standard crawler vehicle comes with a simple camera and LED lighting, but can be easily outfitted with other sensors for specific client needs.

“We are always being asked to go deeper, further or smaller,” said Inuktun CEO Colin Dobell. “Our engineers designed the VT50 as a direct result of these kinds of customer request.”

Said to be a first for the industry, the Versatrax 50 provides real-time colour video in small pipelines, ducts, channels and other tight spaces. Despite its small size, the Versatrax 50 features a 4.5 kg pull rating with an option for higher torque versions. Capable of operating both in air and underwater, and with cables as long as 100 m, the VT50 can reach areas that are simply inaccessible to other technologies.