ARL’s Level 3 Services celebrates 15-year anniversary


Argyll-Ruane Ltd is celebrating the 15-year anniversary of the foundation of its Level 3 Services consultancy division.

Established by David Griffin on 1 February 1999 in response to requirements from the aerospace industry for Level 3 expertise, David saw an opportunity for providing outside consultancy and expertise for organisations that do not need a Level 3 qualified engineer full time.

Level 3 Services provides expert consultation for organisations in need of knowledge and experience in non-destructive testing and inspection methods, standards and practices. This could include auditing, procedure writing, training and assessment.

David, a 36-year veteran in the NDT industry with expertise in aerospace, continues to be the manager of one of the first Level 3 Services consultancies in the industry.

When speaking of his achievement, David said: “I am very proud to still be here with Argyll-Ruane Ltd after all these years and am happy to reflect on our growth and how Level 3 Services, and NDT in general, have evolved.”

David has personally expanded Level 3 Services at Argyll-Ruane Ltd and recruited a team of Level 3 consultants so that the department can provide services for organisations in every NDT method and in all relevant industries.

David also has plans for the future of Level 3 Services: “Our goal is to be the best provider of Level 3 services in the UK. This means always aiming for higher professional standards and working with partners to develop the NDT industry.”

Mark Dowell, Managing Director for Argyll-Ruane Ltd, said: “I would like to congratulate David and the Level 3 Services team on their fantastic achievement in reaching this significant milestone.”

He continued: “Level 3 Services is a vital part of ARL’s business, perfectly complementing our training and examinations offer. The team’s unwavering dedication to quality and customer service is an inspiration to all at ARL and I am always very pleased to hear the positive feedback from clients.”

In 2014, Level 3 Services will be looking to expand further, with important developments in new key industries.