TEST NDT releases new composite phased array course for aircraft and aerospace applications


TEST NDT has been a market leader in phased array training for the aircraft and aerospace industry for over 12 years and has provided training for many airlines and manufacturers of composites during this period, including extensive training packages for several prime manufacturers in addition to the second- and third-tier suppliers.

TEST NDT has also been heavily involved in the development and implementation of many new phased array techniques for both the aircraft and aerospace industries.

TEST NDT has previously held specialised phased array courses for the inspection of aircraft and aerospace components, which have featured composite inspection as part of the syllabus in addition to metallic structures. TEST NDT has also run specialised courses for the inspection of composites using conventional ultrasound (contact and immersion) and bond-testing equipment.

With the increase in composite manufacturing over recent years, coupled with the introduction of major composite body aircraft into service, such as the Boeing 787, and the extensive use of composites on Airbus 350 series aircraft, there has been a significant increase in demand for specialised training of the aircraft phased array inspectors to meet this increased demand.

The well-proven 40-hour phased array aircraft inspection course has been completely redesigned to tailor it exclusively to the new composite inspection techniques currently being employed, including manufacturing inspections in accordance with prime manufacturers’ manufacturing specifications, in-service impact damage detection and assessment and composite repair patch inspection in accordance with prime manufacturers’ NTM requirements.

The original phased array inspection of aircraft and aerospace structures will continue to run in parallel with the new composites course for inspectors with a need to inspect a combination of metallic structures and composites, but the new course will be more focused directly on composites.

The course was prepared and will be taught by Richard Harrison, who has over 35 years of composite inspection experience. A full course description can be accessed from the TEST NDT website at: www.testndt.com or by contacting Richard directly on tel: +44 (0)1772 616913.

The course is also available at customers’ facilities, worldwide, which offers the advantage of allowing the course to be tailored specifically to the customer’s specification and technique requirements.

The course is suitable for personnel with existing ultrasonic training and experience, but no prior phased array experience or training is needed.

The new course will be held 20-24 June and 5-9 December.

Spaces will be limited to six attendees per course to provide an excellent student-teacher ratio.