Exova invests in VOC emissions testing capabilities


Exova, a global testing, calibration and advisory services provider, has invested in new capabilities at its Hillington, UK, laboratory to support plastic fitting emissions testing in the automotive sector.

In response to demand from automotive manufacturers looking to test emissions from materials used in vehicle interiors in the assessment of interior air quality, Exova has introduced a thermal desorption unit for volatile organic compounds (VOC) testing and a GCxGC-FID system to support the enhanced analysis of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH).

The highly-technical testing is being carried out in Hillington, in conjunction with Exova’s automotive testing centre in Willenhall, UK. This new capability meets a need in the market where manufacturers previously struggled to source suppliers in the UK and were required to send samples to mainland Europe. Exova can test to both a manufacturer’s own standards as well as to ISO 12219.

Both capabilities reduce the time needed to prepare samples as well as the number of tests required, speeding up turnaround for customers. They also allow for more effective reporting of results, making communications processes with customers clearer and more consistent. These form part of a range of investments that are being made at the Hillington laboratory to support all areas of environmental testing, such as stack, soil, furniture, airplane interiors or toys. 

Alan Corrie, General Manager at Exova, Hillington, said: “Awareness has been steadily growing about the effects and toxicological properties of materials emissions and the focus is increasingly moving from simply measuring the level of compounds or contaminants in the atmosphere to identifying the materials from which they are emitted. We identified a need to support the automotive industry and have invested in the most technically demanding capabilities to ensure we test accurately, efficiently and clearly to fulfil the needs of our customers.”