Expansion for ATH NDT


At halfway through 2015, ATH NDT Ltd’s continued expansion is showing no signs of slowing down.

In 2014, ATH NDT Ltd started the full-scale production of its new top-of-the-range penetrant lines and, since the launch of the finished products, it has gone from strength to strength.

The range of penetrant flaw detection products available at ATH NDT Ltd through research and development is continuously growing and now includes off-the-shelf washable penetrant lines, post-emulsifiable penetrant lines, air-circulating ovens, dust storm developer cabinets and darkened inspection booths, as well as bespoke penetrant systems to suit all customer requirements.

These new manufactured products, combined with the vast stock of used NDT equipment, has made ATH NDT Ltd into one of the country’s leading NDT equipment suppliers.

Tony Heaton, Managing Director of ATH NDT Ltd, said: “We are not only making a high-quality product but also looking into how to manufacture penetrant systems our customers can use to accelerate their production process. This is being achieved by using lean manufacturing methods based around the penetrant process and with unique designs patented by ATH NDT Ltd, again without cutting the quality of the products tested with the penetrant method.”

Due to the take-off of this side of the business, ATH NDT Ltd has now made the decision to sell the BINDT-Approved Training Organisation branch of its business to Alex Lambie, formerly PCN Scheme Manager at the British Institute of NDT.

Jordan Heaton of ATH NDT Ltd, who has brokered the acquisition with Mr Lambie, said: “With Alex’s decades of valuable experience in the NDT industry, it means as a company we still have a reliable partner to provide NDT training for our current and future clients and also allows us to focus on what we now see as our core business: the production and development of our fantastic range of penetrant lines.”

Alex will be offering training and examinations in both magnetic particle and penetrant inspection to both SNT-TC-1A and PCN, with the wheels already in motion to add more NDT methods to his scope of training.

Continued support from both new and old customers is ensuring the continued growth and expansion of this diverse and high-quality business and ATH NDT Ltd would like to thank its customers for their loyalty and support and looks forward to dealing with many more new customers throughout the rest of 2015.