Trade and Industry Group report

from the meeting held 8 October 2015 

A meeting of the Trade and Industry Committee took place in Northampton at BINDT headquarters on 8 October 2015. During a lively and well-attended meeting, the following topics were discussed:

Materials Testing Exhibition
  • Attendance was up by 23% compared with attendance at MT 2013.
  • The Bloodhound Event was terrific, and one exhibitor had confirmed they had felt very included. 
Other events and table-top exhibitions
  • A workshop on NDT and SHM requirements for aerospace composites will be held on 9 and 10 February at the NCC in Bristol, hosted by Robert Smith.
  • The UK Certification Conference 2016 will take place on 22 to 23 March in Luton.
  • The 2016 Aerospace Event (previously known as the Aerospace Symposium) will take place on 13 and 14 April at the BAWA Centre, Bristol.
  • The NDT 2016 conference and exhibition will take place at the Orchard Hotel and East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham from 12 to 14 September.
Revival of SIG
  • The code of ethics will be updated along with the application form and an annual award will be made to an NDT practitioner.
  • An overview of SIG will be added to the website to encourage more involvement from members.
Review of aims and objectives
  • It was suggested that Associate Members be contacted advising that the first point of contact is the first nominee, but to ask if there is anyone else within the organisation that should receive communications from the Trade and Industry Committee?

As the Committee develops, new objectives and the items discussed will vary each meeting. Should you wish to comment on any of the above, raise any issues or suggest topics for discussion by the Committee, which serves to represent the views of and give a voice to the Associate Membership of BINDT, please email the Committee at: