Trade and Industry Group report

from the meeting held 23 July 2015 

A meeting of the Trade and Industry Committee took place in Northampton at BINDT headquarters on 23 July 2015. During a lively and well-attended meeting, the following topics were discussed:

  • A meeting of SIG will be held at the NDT 2015 Conference in September.
  • Targets should be set for the Trade and Industry Committee that can be delivered on during the year. These should form part of the AGM.
  • The implications of RoHS on BINDT for members that manufacture and sell UT and EC probes was raised.
  • The BINDT Trade and Industry Committee is looking at how it can collaborate with other professional bodies with a specific interest in NDT.
  • The AGM calling notice is posted out to all Associate Members each year. It was suggested that, in future, the notice should be circulated by email to reduce costs. It will be circulated as a hard copy this year with a covering letter advising that next year it will be emailed out. The covering letter will also state that the Trade and Industry Committee requires all companies to confirm their correct email details.
  • The 2015 AGM of the Trade and Industry Committee will take place at the NDT 2015 Conference on Tuesday 8 September at 5.00 pm.

As the Committee develops, new objectives and the items discussed will vary each meeting. Should you wish to comment on any of the above, raise any issues or suggest topics for discussion by the Committee, which serves to represent the views of and give a voice to the Associate Membership of BINDT, please email the Committee at: