Condition monitoring methods


Condition Management in process and manufacturing is one of the key strategies for ensuring plant productivity, reliability and integrity. It is known under many guises: condition monitoring, machine health monitoring, predictive maintenance, proactive maintenance, asset health management etc. It is felt the term Condition Management suitably raises the status and combines the range of many specialist monitoring techniques into a strategic tool for the management decision process.

To benefit from the real power of condition monitoring it must form part of a company-wide asset management programme. Integration now provides the maintenance scheduler and planner the ability to prioritise work and gives objective feedback of the quality of work done. Focusing on only what needs to be maintained with the minimal effect on production offers the greatest opportunity for production uptime.

Although many condition monitoring techniques are practised, the majority of applications may be covered by the methods listed in the box on the left. Those methods listed in the Condition Monitoring Method Selector Chart but not mentioned below should not be considered as having less merit but should be regarded as more specific in their application.